Stop everything and look at this Cookie Monster bikini

Cookie Monster bikini by Etsy seller AliciaZenobia
All photos of the Cookie Monster bikini by Etsy seller AliciaZenobia

Just look at it looking at you. It's totally staring right into your cookie-slaying soul, and saying, "you know you need this in your life. You didn't even know I existed until today, but now that you do… the whole world just seems to make sense again."

It's also saying…

I mean, even the Etsy listing itself is amazed that it exists. The listing is actually entitled "Cookie Monster High Waisted Bikini…Can you believe it?"

And no. No I can not believe it. But I love it. And I believe that I want to own and rock the hell out of this cookie bottom…


Are you like me, and are not a fan of eye balls on your boobs? (It's a thing. I don't know why.) But you DO love the idea of wearing the fuck out of some cookie? Etsy seller AliciaZenobia has got your back…

Cookie Party bathing suit!
Cookie Party bathing suit!

This was basically me when I saw this bathing suit:

Now that I've got your attention, you should really take some time to check out all that AliciaZenobia has to offer — full-body David Bowie suit? Merman Mankinis? Tops with nipples on them? Whatever the fuck this is — which may or may not be NSFW?

The (cookie) bottom line is that you owe it to yourself to check out this Etsy page today, and probably to buy yourself that Cookie Monster bathing suit too.

  1. I… I think I am in LOVE!! Everything is amazeballs. Now I know what I am getting myself for Christmas!

    1 agrees

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