Embrace word-nerdery: 6 ways to Scrabble it up at home

By on Apr 17th

Scrabblers are hardcore. Let's celebrate the game that takes skill, smarts, and strategy with these ways people've used Scrabble as a decor theme — from fridge magnets to an incredible backyard game.

Scrabble refrigerator magnets. You could leave messages! Play a game! Scramble words! Practice spelling!

Oh my! What a smart way to accessorize your living room: cozy Scrabble pillows in letters galore.

Trading Phrases Scrabble Wall Tiles

Trading Phrases Scrabble Wall Tiles

Scrabble tile wall decals are brilliant. What would YOU spell out on your wall?

71nHvS2pSUL._SL1024_Clean up with this Scrabble board dish towel awesomeness.

urlOh HELL YES. Forget Bocce or croquet or lawn darts or cornhole. OUTDOOR SCRABBLE IS WHERE IT'S AT. If I was going to make this, I'd use ceramic tiles.

To the Letter Coaster SetThis Scrabble coaster set includes two entire alphabets and two blanks printed with a wood grain background on recycled pulp board squares.

Where my word nerds at? Do you show off your geek pride at home?

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