Mama's garden shed/girlie clubhouse in the backyard

Guestpost by Amy on Apr 2nd

After organizing the shed in my backyard, I took all of my girly fabric scraps, a can of spray paint, and half a can of latex interior white and made this plain old shed my girly getaway.

With easy views of the garden and the kids fort, it is the perfect space for working with plants, potting, photographing product and relaxing in a space that is completely, fully girlalicious.

The main piece of furniture in the space is this giant hutch. Found for $15 at my local thrift store, it works perfectly as a storage piece for china (girly picnics, you know!), pots and other gardening and crafting supplies.

Covering the file boxes with fabric and the addition of a little bunting was all it took to girlify the piece!

That little rocker in the corner started out life as a dirty old $2 auction find. After sanding and painting the frame, I added Coke bottles in a matte blue to the back and my little Red bebe collected "flowers" for a little more whimsy.

That bunting spans the entire back wall of the shed, and joins magazine cutouts, a vintage suitcase, various yarns and thread and garden tools and hats — all in shades of pink, white and natural brown.

Where did all of this stuff come from? Well, I have a problem of collecting items that don't go with anything in my house. Every time I see an incredible deal on an item that I love, it is hard for me to pass it up. Therefore, I had thrift store curtains, a book full of magazine prints, hoards of pink and purple thread and yarn and just a ridiculous amount of super girly fabric. Shifting my focus to the shed allowed me to create a space that welcomed all my girly stuuuuuuuf with open arms. The paint was all leftover paint sitting in the garage and not a single thing was taken out of the shed. It was all just rearranged and added to.

Why is everything all white? Two reasons. I have been wanting to do an all white room for a while now, but I like the paint colors in our home right now, so it would be foolish to paint just for the sake of painting. The shed however, greatly benefited from a wash of white. It went from practical and utilitarian to light, bright and inviting. The second reason is to provide a backdrop for photography. White is a favorite background of mine, and I designed the vignettes in this space specifically for photographing product.