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garden sheds

Mama’s garden shed/girlie clubhouse in the backyard

After organizing the shed in my backyard, I took all of my girly fabric scraps, a can of spray paint, and half a can of latex interior white and made this plain old shed my girly getaway.

All I did was rearrange tools and paint the place, but you’ll be surprised at the difference that made!

Get your own Hobbit hole for work or play!

Maine-based company Wooden Wonders is a family-owned enterprise which builds these EFFING ADORABLE Hobbit holes. Playhouse, chicken coop, reading room — what would you use a Hobbit hole for?

A craftsman’s fairy tale cottages built with reclaimed materials

Don’t let kids have all the fun: these flights of fancy aren’t just for playhouses. They also make sweet guest houses and saunas.