6 ways to use strings of twinkle lights all year long

By on Mar 26th

Hands up: how many Homies have a cadre of Christmas lights boxed up somewhere? Sounds like you have some project ideas to brainstorm this weekend — especially if you're living in a dorm. These projects SCREAM "battling bland."

THIS IS THE BEST. This is happening, somewhere in my house, this weekend.


Source: flickr.com via Tara on Pinterest

I like the lit-up tree version, too.

You could draw a big raincloud and embellish it with a few strings.


Source: etsy.com via Beth on Pinterest

Or design a felt pattern and make a customizable set of lights that's evergreen AND seasonal!

If you made a few strings of these bottle-lantern lights (using floral tape to attach bottles and fortify the string) your patio or balcony would have a lovely glow.

And for garden parties this summer: use a couple strings of lights and some garden stakes to build a backyard light labyrinth.

Finding examples of ways to use holiday lights got my mind making lists. How about you?