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By on Feb 24th

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Amigurumi are tiny yarn animals/people/characters/kawaii objects, crocheted for our enjoyment. They're lovely, warm, and snuggly crafts with a big respect for nerd culture. I've never seen the variety of patterns that amigurumi-ers make in any other craft.

Enjoy these nerdcore examples of amigurumi — most have patterns if you click through!

HOBBES! Hobbes-related crafts take all precedence for me. The creator has kindly made her pattern free.

Aw yeah, cute knitted bondage.

Okay, I promised you nerdy. Let's get in there: Smurfette would like to cuddle you!

No one doesn't love a weiner dog.

I want Totoro to be my friend.

Amigurumi Discworld view 3

I'm digging deep in the geekery bins, now, ladies and gents! GeekCrafts has a Discworld pattern. I can't imagine how long that would take.

You are just so darn CUTE, Kirby!

Just bizarre. But awesomely so: this is a pattern for one acre of land.

Just in case you thought amigurumi were all wholesome, Towelie comes along to prove otherwise.

I'll wrap it up with something classic: one invincibility star, if you please.

If you've dabbled in amigurumi, this is the perfect chance to brag: post 'em in the Flickr pool.

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