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I love you but leave: evicting a good roommate

By on Nov 2nd
the greatest roommate

Photo by John Disalvo. Used under Creative Commons license.

Catintheattic has a situation:

I'm a grad student, and I currently live in a flat with another grad student, who's been living here over a year. We didn't know each other before she moved in, but she's been great and we're now good friends. She's having a bit of a tough time at the moment, because she's trying to finish her course so she can go travelling, and she's not sure when she'll be done.

The problem is, my boyfriend (who is abroad at the moment — long story) will be coming back into the country in a few months and would really like to move in with me. I'm trying to find a supportive, non-pressuring way to ask my flatmate if she can commit to moving out on a particular date so he can move in.

This isn't a legal issue (the flat is in my name, and I can give her 30 days' notice any time, though I'd like to give her more time than that), but a moral/friendshippy one: how do I ask her to move out in a nice way? All the advice I can find online is "how to deal with a nightmare roommate," but that's just not the situation here!

Ever had to kick out a roommate you were on good terms with? How'd you made it go down smooth?

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