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The practice of living with roommates and getting along with family definitely deserves its own category of posts.

Not just for toddlers: Instigate time outs for roommates

We all, at one point in our lives, have lived with someone who we sometimes can not stand. Chores, curfews, cooking, bathroom space, they all come with challenges. Challenges and disagreements that can lead to arguments, which can lead to anger. The simplest and most effective solution I have found is something that is commonly believed to be only for young children: the concept of “time outs.”

Navigating money issues with lower income roommates

I love my roomies, but while I have a sizable savings account and decent income, they are barely living paycheck to paycheck, even with help from family. Our rent is going up and though they’ve assured me they can afford it, I’m getting nervous. I don’t want to loan them money, but I do want to stay current on our bills.

Help! My roommate is SUPER loud while doin’ it

My roommate keeps having loud crazy monkey sex when I’m wide awake and in the next room. One friend of mine said I just need to get better headphones, and another friend of mine said that she is being totally inconsiderate, and that there are rules with the roommate-having while boning. What are the rules? How does everyone else deal with this issue?

Newlyweds with a roommate: what should we be mindful of?

My husband and I got married not too long ago. It so happens that one of our long-time friends, also from our home town, found a part time job in the city I work in, and we’ve decided to share a flat. Offbeat Homies my questions are many…

The Financial Aid Dorm: What it’s like living with 6 people in our Futurama-themed, “halfway house for twenty-somethings”

At first glance, my house doesn’t look particularly offbeat. Look a little closer, though, and you’ll notice the comical number of computers hiding here and there. Seven or eight bikes in the garage, corralled by a bike rack made of two-by-fours. Five cars that come and go. The duplicate cookbooks and kitchen utensils, the camping equipment lining the walls in the garage. And, of course, the five bedrooms that are definitely occupied by six adults.

Make compromises within a relationship that don’t mean sacrificing your values

I had a lot of time to fantasize about my future and prospective living situations, and the idea of a vegan, eco-friendly, ethical household was appealing to me. So when I met my now-fiancée and the topic of moving in together came up, it was apparent that some compromises were going to have to be made on someone’s end. The compromises didn’t come without some heated discussions. While having these conversations with my fiancée, it occurred to me that a lot of my choices that tried to incorporate ethical consumerism were a lot about boycotting. I decided that from now on, instead of focusing exclusively on cutting things out of my shopping list, I’ll do things that support causes I believe in instead.

How can you cope with the smell of smoking housemates?

I am a non-smoker who is stuck living in a smoky rental house. Sinus problems and health risks aside, I have a sensitive nose and would just like to smell something else for a change. Does anyone have tips to minimize the smell other than Febrezing the crap out of everything?

7 people; 1 bathroom: Learning to love moving back in with my family

I love my family very much, but when I moved away in 2006 I wasn’t looking back. I loved the freedom and thrived on being independent. Then financial disaster struck. I realized that my whole life was about to be packed up in boxes, and my marriage was about to be squeezed into a 5-by-5 bedroom in my parents house.