Needles, teeth, and photos of dead people: the macabre home of Emilia

By on Oct 31st

Our livingroom with half of our gasmask collection. The wheelchair is the 'I'm too lazy to walk to the fridge so I'm just gonna roll my way there' wheelchair. My mac somehow seems to be out of place in this picture!

On this Halloween day, I'm going to play favorites! Emilia has this organically creepy home, and it's right up my alley: all bones, x-rays, and glass containers. I really just want to live in a natural history museum. This is a total fantasy home for me.

Emilia used planks from a barn door to create a display for hog-slaughtering knives. I just said that with a completely straight face.

This set of bone cancer x-ray slides became a simple piece of art/a window mobile. It's easy to find sets of slides at thrift shops — this is a smart idea.

And — I'm not making this up — I'm always looking for ways to display my bone collection. Putting jaws and skulls in large jars is so simple and eye-catching.

A vignette: old radio and IKEA frame-based shadow boxes.

Thanks to Emilia for sharing this set — I'd have posted it either way, but what's better for Halloween on Offbeat Home than a tour of medical equipment, gas masks, and bone fragments?

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