Five silly-easy Halloween crafts that I’mma do this weekend

By on Oct 19th

I haven't decorated for Halloween at ALL — but I totally plan to. It's on the list for this weekend — and these ideas are the bullet points on that list.

OMG I want to make a pumpkin terrarium! SO EASY AND SO PRETTY.


Source: via Stephanie on Pinterest

Paper bats. Draw the outline of a bat on sheets of black construction paper and tack them to the wall with glue dots. I'm gonna plan on making 45. Bend them a bit at the wing to give them a little dimensionality. Best for a room without overhead light.


Source: via Heather on Pinterest

Make paper or cardboard silhouette: Draw a ghost or a beast on with a marker. I'd recommend using a utility knife to cut out the shape — scissors work, too, but even a utility knife used on a silhouette laid over carpet is easier than scissors.

Pop the shapes on the window with scotch tape or glue dots — it'll be good to have a second set of hands for this one.

Witch legs to accessorize your house

Striped tights + newspaper + shoes + Elmer's Glue + glitter = Witch legs.

You could also use another striped material — t-shirt sleeves or sumthin'.

Make ghost-y plaques. Wooden plaques come in different shapes and run $1-$3 at craft stores. Buy a pack of picture hangers, a big Sharpie, and a good white primer — I like Rustoleum Ultra Cover the best. You can find it for $4 if you shop around.

Mount the picture hangers on the back of each plaque. Prime, let dry for 24-36 hours, and give your ghosts eyes.

It helps to also have a spooky owl.


Source: via Cat on Pinterest

Excuse me while I fantasize about being a pretty princess in this.

I wanna see links to your Pinspiration or actual crafts!