The home that produces almost zero trash and looks like a catalogue photo set

By on Sep 28th

This LOOKS like a stock photo, meant to depict a happy Scandinavian family enjoying their happy Scandinavian lives. It's not. All photos courtesy

When I think of the type of home that might be a "zero waste" home — where occupants strive to eliminate the everyday disposables that seem sometimes to be inseparable from living — I guess I think of a home far from civilization. Maybe something handbuilt. The zero waste home in my imagination looks a lot like the permaculture-loving straw bale home we featured in April 2011. It's woodsy, it's cozy, it's clearly inhabited by hippies.

Well, finding The Zero Waste Home blog goes to show me that assuming and stereotyping are no good.

This all-white no-clutter house is the California project of the Johnson family. Together, the four of them produce just two "handfuls" of trash each year. Many of their efforts are chronicled on their blog, along with tips for reducing trash, and product recommendations.

Blog author Bea Johnson lays out her home philosophy right at the top of ever page: "Refuse, refuse, refuse. Then reduce, reuse, recycle (and only in that order.)" It's eye-opening! That "refuse" bit takes most recycler's efforts a step farther. The Johnsons refuse quite a bit by doing things like buying groceries in bulk — by taking glass jars to the store and filling them directly.

AND OMG THE HOUSE. I'm not sure if I'm subscribing to their blog to learn more about their zero-waste lifestyle in order to get a better look at the house. And I don't care.

Take a look at The Zero Waste Home. Found via The Week.

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