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Why is minimalism so damn bright white?

I’ve been reading a lot more blogs about simplicity and minimalism when it comes to fashion, wardrobes and homes. And a commonality that I keep seeing is white, black and neutrals. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good black and white, especially in fashion. It’s classy and clean. But I am a vibrant and colorful person, and I need that in my home! Why is every single blog about minimalism and decluttering seem to think people want a pristine white decor?

How to cull your closet, even when you’re a clothes horse

Over the years my collection has burgeoned to the point of a hoard. So I recently did a massive culling of my huge collection of clothing. I managed to rid myself of five bags of clothing. >Here is what worked…

10 things you can get rid of right now

We have a lot of junk we’re hanging onto because we’re lying to ourselves about why it’s still here. I’m giving you full permission to get it the heck outta your life right now. I’m telling you that your lies are no good here: it’s time to de-clutter that stuff.Here are ten things you can get rid of right now…

Target is KILLING it lately with their neutral home decor items

Can I just take a minute to tell you all that Target is KILLING it lately with their home decor items. Ever since I re-decorated my apartment, I’ve been going for a more neutral, minimal vibe with gold accents. And JEEZUS PEEZUS has Target literally targeted me with their new designs. Can I just show a few of my favorite things?

Joining the life-changing cult of tidying up: My foray into KonMari organizing

If you are a person who reads the internet, you have probably heard of Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Most people who succeed in reading it, join her KonMari tidying cult. I’m reading the book and feeling inspired to clean. Okay, I read the book because I was inspired to clean and felt overwhelmed by how much stuff I have…

Steal this minimalist bedroom inspiration from a fancy Hollywood Hills home

As I peruse my favorite thing in the world — real estate listings — I’m finding home decor ideas! Check out the sexily simple bedroom of this minimalist home in the hills of Los Angeles, then see how you can steal this look…

Making the transition to tiny house living

Ever since I was forced by circumstance to live in my car one summer, I have been obsessed with living in a tiny house. I would eventually LOVE to refurbish a bus, or a flatbed trailer, into a tiny mobile home. But for now, I am acting incrementally by moving into a cozy, 480 square foot studio/garage apartment. I am beyond stoked to be stepping onward to this process, but I have no idea where to begin planning for this move.

Why our practically empty home makes me happy

My husband and I live in the parsonage of the church where we work part-time. What this means is really amazing, financially speaking — we get to live in a giant, lovingly-maintained, FREE house. All of this is obviously wonderful, but we moved into this house from a tiny student apartment. And we didn’t have enough furniture to fill THAT place. Basically, our discretionary income doesn’t rise to the occasion of this grand home. And I learned that you don’t realize how much Wanting Stuff and Acquiring Stuff weighs you down until you just stop doing it.