Would you like a tiny German camping headquarters that can also hit the water?

By on Sep 22nd

I've never really gotten the fascination with amphibious cars. Even James Bond doesn't need a boat he can drive onto land! But today, I get it.

Meet the Sealander, a German-made land/sea camping trailer. She's an itty bitty thing, but packs a big punch because everything inside is reconfigureable. The Sealander houses a four-person bench table, a small kitchenette, a sleeping area, and a deck.

When you want to relax off-land, pop on the teeny motor and take your little lady cruising. And on the road? She's small enough not to need additional mirrors or a Ford F-150 to haul her.

How cool would it be if RV rental companies began carrying little Sealanders?! You could vacay with this space pod/boat/camping accessory/happiness pod!

Found via Lost at E Minor.

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