A craftsman’s fairy tale cottages built with reclaimed materials

July 5 |

I usually eschew the word "whimsical." But if I take reclaimed wood, mix it with a craftsman from Minnesota, and get The Rustic Way, a small company specializing in these tiny whimsical cottages, saunas, and playhouses — it's just the right word.

I'd love to see a wave of whimsy overtake architecture for a while. If you need more fancy tiny houses, see more on rusticway.com.

Via Tiny House Blog.

  1. !!!

    How awesome would it have been to have had a playhouse that looked like that!

  2. Oh, I love these! They're sort of Shel Silverstein-esque, somehow. How fantastic would it be to have one of these saunas? (Also an OBH story on homes with saunas would be awesome.)

    1 agrees
  3. I used to dream of having a teepee in my backyard, now i want one of these instead!

  4. I totally dream of having a shed to house a workspace (and the land on which to build it). I would want more a combo writing/art studio. My husband and I actually discuss this fantasy fairly often. Someday…

  5. I like my kids take on it. It looks like a haunted garden gnome house but, in the best way possible.

  6. I love it but I wonder how you frame something like that? any ideas?

  7. How do you get the shape of the roof to bend in that shape?

  8. Great cottage houses. Really cool and awesome structures with perfect designs! loved it all.

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