The best ways to display your action figure collection

By on Mar 11th

Collections: awesome to cultivate — hell to decorate. Often times, the result can be a room full of boxes that feels more like a warehouse, or a shelf full of action figures that looks cluttered and junky. Dude, you guys have worked your asses off to collect these things — you should work 'em into your decor and show 'em off! Here are some (hopefully) inspirational options…

The bane of every collector's existence is the constant dusting. To get around this tedious task, encase your entire collection in these action figure cases and display them on a dresser, or put them up on wall-mounted shelves.

A collector's display


Glass shelves are your friend. Especially if you can find ones that have lighting.

Glass doors on cabinets are also your friend. This Billy bookcase with glass doors from IKEA is expensive as hell, but pretty damn perfect.

Action Figure Room


Of course, the best thing to do is keep your collections in the packaging. You could use them as wallpaper.

Soulja On Display…!!! HENSHIN!!!


I prefer funky bookshelves, though. I found this one on Amazon that works both horizontally and vertically. Stack 'em or line 'em up, and show it all off with a little bit of funk.

Similar to book shelves is this room divider. Separate your open spaces into semi-separate room, while displaying your collections. The thing I love about these room dividers are the built-in cabinets to keep some of the collections that you still have in their boxes.

Action Figures


This minimalist display is awesome, but it's clearly best for small collections. Perhaps just display the best of what you got and store the rest?

Find a coffee table, like the one pictured above from Etsy seller zandswoodwork, that also doubles as a display cabinet.

action figures


Of course, I'm a fan of recreating particular scenes, like this one from Return of the Jedi!

Millennium Falcon


Speaking of Star Wars: I have a buddy that hangs all of his Star Wars air crafts from his ceiling and it delights me to no end.

I'm sure that a TON of you out there have even more suggestions from your homes. So please: enlighten us! How do YOU display your action figure collection?