TurningArt: It's like Netflix, but for art

By on Feb 25th


Our sponsor TurningArt makes it easier to fill your place with fresh imagery: it's an art rotation service, like an art library stocked with hip and emerging artists. Think NETFLIX for ART.

Here's how it works:

  • You start a membership with TurningArt. Browse pieces of art and make a list of your favorites.
  • Start subscribing and choose your plan: you can get new prints of paintings, drawings and photographs delivered to you every three months for $10/month.
  • You'll receive new prints, and a custom-made frame for them every month, three months, or however often you like, depending on your subscription.


The best part? When, 12 months in, you find a piece of art you just can't bear to send back you get to cash in on the really cool part of TurningArt: every dollar of your subscription is a credit towards the purchase of original art. Your $10/month is now $120 off a one of a kind, real life painting.


TurningArt stables more than a hundred artists from across the country, and you'll have access to more than 400 pieces of art. This option to rotate art is great; you can try out pieces in different rooms, get new art for new decor (or even for the seasons!) and there will always be a new, interesting images around.


There are so many smart ways to search for art. You can search style: traditional to conceptual. You can also search by price, medium and about 30 different hues. How's sage green treating you?


Start browsing drawings, paintings and photos now, and tell me you aren't thinking of subscribing after a few minutes. They have some seriously talented artists, and when the price for new art is so low, it's hard NOT to justify it.

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