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Offbeat Home is an advertiser-supported site, and we love working with awesome indie businesses to help spread the word about their stuff like home accents, jewelry, accessories, clothes, and gifts — with banner ads starting at just $29.

Our readers are mostly young women between the ages of 21-35 — but Offbeat Home & Life aims for content that is somewhat gender-neutral and ageless. That said, we do have a decent amount of crossover with our sister-site's Offbeat Bride's readership.

We also work with Federated Media to coordinate placement on our site.

What do Offbeat Homies love?

Based on how previous ads have performed, Offbeat Homies love stuff like:

Since we do have a lot of reader cross-over with Offbeat Bride, if you have a product that appeals to both brides AND non-brides, Offbeat Home may be your sweet spot. Placements rates are a fraction of what they are on Offbeat Bride — but you're still reaching thousands of brides!

Does placement on Offbeat Home work?

"We had some fabulous results. We saw an almost 10% increase in our orders, and an 11% increase in our sales numbers the day of, with a nice trickle down afterwards. Offbeat Home & Life readers always send the best notes too – today we received an actual sonnet in our inbox!" – Liora Dudar, Overtone,
"Well, THAT went well. Within a few hours of my sponsored post going up, I'd already gotten enough orders to make back the money I spent on the ad. Everything else is just gravy!" – Meagan Moore
"After my ad ran, overnight my pageviews went up by over 100%, I was featured by several other blogs, and more than made up the price in sales. I HIGHLY recommend it: I've already convinced several artist friends to give Offbeat ads a try." -Amanda Barr, No Tengo Miedo Clay

Our rates and zones

Here are our current placements available:

  • Banner ads (starting at $29)
  • Sponsored blog posts aka "advertorials" (contact us!)
  • Custom placement like social media blasts (contact us!)

Sponsored posts/advertorials are our secret sauce

We select indie businesses to feature in a blog post, which acts more like a customized publicity campaign than an advertisement. We write all about the ways that you cater to the unique needs of offbeat occupants, and while your advertorial is clearly marked as paid content, it appears with all the other editorial content, and is pushed out to tens of thousands of followers via Twitter and Facebook. The post also remains in the archives of forever.

See a detailed list of our zones and rates.
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We make it a super easy, step-by-step process to get your business on Offbeat Home.

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