What's in your diaper bag?
I’m still pretty new at the whole “sustaining the life of another human being” thing, but at least I’ve managed to figure out what I need to have in our Brooke Van Gory diaper bag when Dre and I head out into the wilds of Seattle with the baby. If you want to get the low-down on what we lug around with us (and oooh: offbeat discount from Brooke!) keep reading…

1. Custom changing pad/emergency minky (gifted from RockerByeBaby)
This roll of awesome does double duty: it’s a badass changing pad when we need it, but also acts as an emergency mini-minky blanket when Tavi gets cold. Amber from RockerByeBaby sent me a full-size minky (and it’s definitely the baby’s go-to blanket) but it’s nice to have some emergency minky-to-go when needed.

2. Custom puker (gifted from RockerByeBaby)
I really didn’t understand just how many burp rags we would go through in a given day. I use everything as a burp rag now, including this star-emblazoned could-be-a-diaper.

3. Wet Sack (by Itsy Ritsy)
This was a gift from Offbeat Megan. It’s lined with plasticy stuff so that we can stick Tavi’s post-production diapers in it. And yes, this firmly establishes my skullie theme for the baby gear. I have a big explanation about the circle of life, and how even as we’re celebrating the start of the baby’s life, we’re keeping the other end of the spectrum in mind. But I think it’s mostly just cute.

4. Low flow nipple
This is left over from our trip to Portland last weekend. Dre took a bottle of pumped milk with him and the baby when they went to a brunch with his family. It’s funny to me that we went out of our way to get low-flow nipples, out of concern for not wanting to make the bottle too easy for the baby. Realistically my milk flow is so intense that the baby is used to nursing from a functional fire hose.

5. Soothies and little bag (by Poise.cc)
Tavi doesn’t like pacifiers yet, but these stay in the bag in part because I was so pleased with how they fit in the little bag I got from Cinnamon at SXSW last year. It’s designed for business cards, but felt perfect for carrying an extra binky … That my son doesn’t yet like or need. But it’s so cute!

6. Seventh Generation Baby Wipes

7. Bebe au Lait nursing cover
This was a gift from my guy friends at Nearlyweds. I’m not especially shy about breastfeeding in public, but I figured it’s good to have a cover in the diaper bag just in case I need it.

8. Crappy blanket from hospital
This was the blanket Tavi was wrapped in when he was born. It’s thin industrial cotton and totally cheap, but I carry it as an emergency swaddler.

9. Disposable road diapers
We do cloth diapers at home and on round-town trips, but when we’re traveling elsewhere (like we were last weekend) we go disposable.

10. Emergency onesie
Break glass in case of blow-out! This onesie was decorated at our shower.

11. Motherlove Nipple Cream
Because my boobs. They hurt.

12. Lansinoh Nursing Pads
This makes me sad. I have a whole assortment of wonderful washable nursing pads, but unfortunately my milk flow is just too much to be contained by cloth. After two weeks of soaking through over a dozen nursing pads (and several shirts!) a day, I finally bit the bullet and tried disposable nursing pads. Problem solved. *le sigh* I’m hoping that my flow will slow down a bit in coming months so I can return to my washable pads. Until then: these fuckers.

Offbeat Discount:
Get free shipping when you order a custom diaper bag (or anything else) from Brooke Van Gory Designs! Just mention Offbeat Mama when you place your order.

13. Custom diaper bag (gifted by Brooke Van Gory Designs)</strong)

The bag that carries it all! This bit of loud & fabulous baggery is a custom creation from Brooke Van Gory Designs. It’s got pockets for everything, and is perfectly in keeping with my “circle of life”/punk rock skull theme. It’s an awesome conversation starter, and doesn’t feel to duckies & pastels for me. (Thanks, Brooke!)

Like I said — I’m still pretty new at this whole mama gig. I’d love to see what you more experienced mamas are lugging around in your diaper bag. Take a photo and stick it in the Offbeat Mama pool … and then share the link in the comments! 🙂

Comments on What’s in YOUR diaper bag?

  1. *LOVE* I so have a thing for bags and purses of all kinds. I change my purse all the time. I’m sure i’ll have all kinds of diaper bags to use once my little one is here!

  2. I’d have commented in 2009 if I’d had a baby then… But it’s 2013, and I have a baby (4mos) and a diaper bag now!!! So, here we go:

    0. Baby in a k’tan carrier! It has a front pocket that I usually toss a spare bib in.
    1. Upptacka backpack from Ikea (it’s black, super co-ed, and has lots of compartments for its tiny size– can’t do a messenger bag with my shoulders)
    2. Black vinyl hanging pad, got it used for like $5.
    3. Ziploc baggy of whatever wipes we’re using at the moment (Huggies “natural”, humph) and Burt’s Bees diaper cream (we use triple paste at home, Burt on the road)
    4. 6 spare disposable gLiners (we use gPants diapers)
    5. spare gPants diaper, onesie, two bibs, burp cloth
    6. maybe a blanket for lying on, and a toy (angel dear monster blankie at the moment)
    7. cell phone, keys, wallet, 12 oz water bottle, 2 peanut bars (always hungry these days)
    8. micro first aid kit, small LED flashlight, multitool, 1ft bendy tie (like a reusable ziptie), cloth bag crumpled up in case I need a shopping bag

    Basically– prepared for almost everything!

    In cahoots…

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