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Help! What's the best way to store dirty cloth diapers?

Help! What’s the best way to store dirty cloth diapers?

We are 32 weeks pregnant with our first child and planning on cloth diapering. I’m looking for a little bit of guidance on how to store the dirty diapers until wash time. I looked on the internet but still felt confused after reading about dry pails v. wet pails while other people recommend getting a bidet sprayer to attach to the toilet. I would love to hear what other people do in the time between a diaper getting dirty and laundry time.

Our child’s medical condition led us to unexpectedly become Attachment Parents

I went in to parenthood prepared. I had a decent amount of baby experience and figured I was as ready as someone can be to have your life up-ended by a tiny human. My husband and I discussed cloth diapering (we wanted to try it), sleeping arrangements (pack-n-play and crib only) and birth plans (unmedicated hospital birth with a doula). I knew that all of our plans needed some degree of flexibility as we figured out what worked best for us. Then our fuss-a-saurus, E, was born.

A very photo-heavy guide to sewing a faux gDiaper cover from an upcycled shirt

Today I’m going to show you how I make my upcycled mock gDiaper cover. This tutorial features a size medium diaper.

For this project you will need:

*A large knit shirt (or knit/cotton interlock fabric)
*One 1-1/4″ sport knit elastic for waistbands
*3/8″ knit elastic for leg elastics
*Snap tape — these are compatible with the brand name liners and can be purchased here (the evenly spaced tape with 1 1/8″ between each snap)
*11″ of hook and 5″ of loop touch tape or Velcro

I can’t believe I’m cloth diapering

Anyone who knows me in real life knows I am not an earth-hugging hippie. And now I’m cloth diapering, something labeled “too crunchy” for some of the crunchiest parents I know.

What’s the best way to make your own cloth diapers?

We’re currently expecting our first, and on a bit of a tight budget. My wonderful Mum has offered to make cloth diapers for us, but my diaper pattern research has been confusing as hell! I don’t know the difference between pre-fold and fitted, I don’t know if one-size is best, and I don’t know what to make them from or how to hold them shut.

DIY fleece liners to keep your cloth-diapered baby dry at night

Need a way to keep your cloth-diapered baby dry at night? Lindsay’s written up this handy tutorial for you!

I toilet trained my baby from day 1

I read about how some parents go diaper free, and teach their babies to use the potty. I was more than skeptical, but then…

Cloth Diaper Confessions aka The Disposable Seduction

At about six weeks we started going out more, and that’s when the seduction of the disposable diapers really started. It was just SO much easier to have Conan in a disposable diaper when we were out and about.