You can’t imagine how excited I was when I began writing this post and found out we already have a missile silo tag.

Images courtesy Buzzfeed

This is a $1.75 million luxury cabin in upstate New York built on top of a missile silo.

As you can see, there is a luxury upper cabin built on top of a lower cabin which is completely underground. You’ve got vacation lodge here…

…and then a completely secured entrance to The Bunker. As Buzzfeed points out, this place is perfect for riding out a wave of zombies.

So in a dangerous disaster situation, this family can decide to peace out on the world for a while and mosey on down to their still-decent below-ground house.

You needn’t go without a Jacuzzi during the apocalypse.

Found via Buzzfeed.

Comments on What’s a luxury bunker look like?

  1. The ONLY problem I have with that property is the laws of the state where it’s located. New York’s firearm laws are very prohibitive, and would prevent effective stronghold capabilities.

      • Crossbows pose a problem, because you’d eventually have to retrieve your bolts. Besides, a properly suppressed .223 rifle (commonly in an AR15/M4 platform) is sufficiently silent and has far more range than a crossbow.

        I dig the flamethrower idea, but you’d have to replenish your fuel eventually…it would be easier to store ammunition in that silo, since ammunition doesn’t spoil like fuel will.

          • The only thing worse than being eaten by a zombie is being eaten by a zombie that is on fire.

        • But surely it’d be easier learning to make crossbow bolts out of wood than casting ammunition, as you’d eventually run out of that as well? Leave those of us in the UK with no gun access some hope in the zombie apocolypse!

    • I know what you mean!
      Every time I consider our inevitable zombie apocalypse I worry about whether or not I’ll get a ticket for using my Beretta in NYC….

      Thanks for the post Cat!

  2. I imagine you could store all sorts of flame throwers and grenade launchers down there without anyone ever finding out about it.

  3. Zombies aside… a missile silo could be then answer to Hubs’ earth home plan for communal living… I have never heard of this! Awesomes!

  4. Cool! Must’ve seen this around 10 years ago on the TV show Popular Mechanics for Kids, but the apartment wasn’t painted or decorated. Definitely a good place for any emergency. I learned from PMK that the apartment is also suspended by four giant springs, enabling it to ride out earthquakes as well.

  5. I was born and raised in the Adirondacks mtns not far from this silo. Man I kind of want to do a walk through of this place when I go to my parents for the holidays.

  6. ya,ll nuts; In my unground hole, I got hangers in celin which I hang from up side down, As intrudies enter I cam drop on them and bite their necks and get all the blood I want:

  7. I saw this the other day. I’m kinda bummed I didn’t know it was there when I was in Saranac for vacation over the summer.

    It would be the perfect zombie apocalypse safe haven though.

  8. The environmental science geek in me needs to point out that one should do a comprehensive environmental site assessment before purchasing former D.O.D. sites. The missile silos are full of asbestos and contaminated soil and groundwater. Many companies make good money cleaning up such sites. The good news is that the government has to pay for it! πŸ˜‰

  9. true the goverment does have to pay for the clean of these sites, but where does it get the money to pay for this ??? your taxes….. back to you ellyabillion & and your dwindling pay packet…..martin

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