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Northeastern homes

From New England to New York, homes in the Northeast have their own distinct brand of offbeat. A little urban, and little upstate, and a bit of an edge — we love you East Coast Offbeat Homes!

Offbeat House Hunters: The Northeastern Pennsylvania Edition

So which house did we go with? It was a tough choice… The Customized Cape Cod was wonderful and cheap but needed the most work. The Horror Movie Hallway was great but my husband’s commute would become a huge problem. The Four Season Porch seemed to be in the best condition but was at the very top of our price point.

We ended up choosing …

Tiny, gothic-meets-nerdy-meets-bohemian apartment in the middle of Amish country

We live in a medium-sized town, that is situated in the middle of Amish country in Pennsylvannia. Our home is unique due to the fact that is a two bedroom with five people. My husband, myself, and our three children. Our two son’s (ages 11 and 4) share the big bedroom, while our daughter has the smaller bedroom. My husband and I sleep on a king sized mattress on the floor that doubles as a very large couch during the day.

How “nerdy DIYers” style their Delaware split level home

Check out Homie Heather’s split level in Wilmington, Delaware. This place has some awesome space-saving furniture hacks, as well as a craft room so colorful that it might hurt your teeth!

Lakeside treehouse by Roderick Romero Studios

Let’s all take a moment to dream about a visit to this phenomenal treehouse built in Lake Spectacle, CT, by Roderick Romero Studios. Oh, and if Roderick’s name sounds familiar, that might mean you remember Sky Cries Mary. Dude used to do this, but now he builds treehouses.

And what treehouses they are…

What’s a luxury bunker look like?

When mecha-aliens invade, this family can decide to peace out on the world for a while and mosey on down to their still-decent below-ground house.

A candy-coated Willy Wonka house in New Jersey — with a bonus wedding thrown in free

Today Offbeat Bride featured a wedding that y’all will love — Peter and Stephanie’s wedding at a house fit for Willy Wonka. I pulled a number of photos — eat it up, Homies.

A boho-psychedelic outdoor lounge in upstate New York that looks ready for smoky all-night bull sessions

I don’t usually think “’60s mod” when I think “outdoor patio,” but Eve mashed up those two ideas to create a fashionable outdoor living room — complete with a daybed in all-bright colors.

The Royal Tenenbaums meet Amelie in a colorful, book-filled New York apartment

Summer, Graham, Gus and Kingsley all live together in a brightly-colored Brooklyn apartment filled with art, ephemera and intriguing artifacts.