Let’s talk about what washing machine to buy

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I have a question for the Offbeat Homies, although I’m not sure how offbeat it is.

We had an older washer break, and apparently it is not something Miss Fix-it here can fix. Being as it is an older washer and repairing may be an endless pit, we have decided to replace it.

Does anyone have a washer they’d recommend? Has anyone ever purchased a refurbished appliance, and how did that work out?

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  1. As someone who works at Best Buy, I highly recommend checking out a BB near you that you have had a good experience at. I know most chain stores vary by location but you can usually find great sales on open-box, returned, or slightly damaged appliances (think scratches and dents, but otherwise in working condition). In addition, Best Buy offers interest-free financing on their store credit card. With a new washer and dryer you could get anywhere from 18-36 months to pay it back without interest!
    If you are in the market for a fancy-schmancy washer/dryer, Samsung makes a set that can text you when your clothes are done (no kidding!). It also has different loads based on what type of dirty your clothes are (ex: covered in food stains, covered in dirt/grass, etc). If you are looking for something more basic, they have a wide-range of those available too. I do advise to get a high-efficiency agitator-less washer and dryer–they clean better and use less resources, and are gentler on delicate clothing. Front-loading agitator-less washers work the best (and usually can hold the most) but a top-loading agitator-less washer isn’t a bad idea.
    I know big box stores get a bad rep but I have been working for Best Buy for nearly a year and I think they are super ethical and they really do care about their customers.
    Good luck with whatever washer/dryer you choose!

  2. We bought a Whirlpool Frontloader in 2009 (top of the line); 3 years later it is out of warranty and non-working…it is definately something within the electronics but no one has been able to pin-point exactly what. Next step was to start replacing components. Guess what? Components will cost as much as a new unit. We’ve opted just to buy a new old style top loader unit without all bells and whistles. Oh – and the front loader never made a difference in our water and electric bill.

  3. We have the Whirlpool Cabrio pair. It was a bit pricy but will Labour Day coming up you should be able to find some good deals. Ask about their scratched and dented too — work fine but a cosmetic blip that will make them cheaper.

    We love our Cabrio and the washer is so deep that we don’t have to do it as often because we can fit so much at a time.

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