Hilarious and stupid (in a good way!) home decor accents

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It's a mix tape! It's a pillow! IT'S A MIXTAPE PILLOW!

Ok, fine: you don’t want to over-do it with ridiculous novelty shit in your house. But a few stupidly hilarious accents here and there? Come on. I know you’re feeling me on some Pac-Man wall decals or Hitchcockian bloody bathmat. Come with me while I pick out the best of the novelty mish-mash from Perpetual Kid, including soft-serve laps, retro door-stops, TARDIS USB hub, and the perfect Edgar Allan Poe painting for your goth foyer…

As always with this sort of thing, click the image for more info!
Giant ice cream cone lamp, available in strawberry or vanilla.

THIS WAY, MEN! Green army man door stop
Edgar Allen Poe oil painting, perfect for your gothic foyer
Because sometimes, you're sick of fighting the inevitable
Doctor Who TARDIS USB hub wants to get timey-wimey with your peripherals.

Ok, ok. I’ll stop now. Like I said: you have to be very careful with novelty home decor… one minute you’re like “HA HA RETRO ARMY MEN DOOR STOP!” and the next minute you’re all “OMG WUT, YOU DON’T LIKE MY SUNSHINE RAINBOW YARN LATCH KIT!?”

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  1. I have the TARDIS hub. It works very well. Plus whenever I need a pick-me-up, I just press the sign on the door to hear the brakes and pretend The Doctor is coming to take me, my husband, and son away to explore space and time. Best novelty investment ever, since it does a job we already needed (usb port expansion) and one we didn’t expect- we always know who likes Doctor Who when they come in the house and see it.

    • I have a Dalek clock that serves a similar function. I bought it back when I was single and lived in a tiny flat, and I needed a clock, but men I dated won points if they recognized it.

  2. I don’t know if this is quite “novelty”, or if it’s more “intentionally tacky”.

    The Goodwill by my work once had an influx of shellacked wooden plaques of kittens. Like .. fancy pieces of wood with magazine photos of kittens, heavily varnished. I bought one because I found it hilarious, though it now hangs by my stairs and I enjoy it. I’ve also given one to each of my friends that have moved into a new place in the past year … One is a good sport and keeps his above his dining table (in an apartment otherwise filled with computers and sciencey stuff), but my female friend probably threw hers away.

  3. My mom found one of those toilet dog dishes at a yard sale and gave it to me as a “goofy gift” after I adopted my dog. Alas, it leaked like crazy. Now it’s just that weird, bulky object that gets packed last minute whenever I move because I don’t know how to get rid of it…

  4. People who grew up in the 80s: remember the kids’ rooms on sitcoms? AWESOME NOVELTY SHIT EVERYWHERE. It was always my dream. A chair shaped like a hand, a stoplight, a neon flamingo (I think that one was Full House!), a racecar bed…the closest I’ve come is having a Rubik’s Cube ottoman. How did I let that dream die? Thanks for reminding me though! I think our bay window needs an ice cream cone lamp…

  5. Oh my. For me that was the whole point of becoming an adult…to full my home with wit and hilarity via awesome crap I can’t live without. Its a life pursuit.
    I have a life sized fully posable gorilla, a suit of armor, a round bed from the a Las Vegas hotel suite from the 70s, a huge fake moustache collection as decor, a giant pair of scissors GIANT, my medicine cabinet is rigged with jokes..I could go on forever don’t even get me started on googly eyes oversized stuff, hilarious baked goods and rubber chickens
    cheers to life’s novelties and general tongue in cheek fun

    adisplayed fake moustache collection

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