Rad door ideas that go beyond bright colors

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Pink and yellow

Your door is an easy place to fly your freak flag. Every home has one. A door is small and relatively easy to alter — but also at the front of your house. Spice it up and your neighbors may just be titillated and not flat-out grumpy.

Let’s take freaking-up doors somewhere beyond painting your portal a lime green — as cool as bright doors look, I think we can push the boundaries of unusual doors here on Offbeat Home.
Today, for your viewing pleasure, I offer these damn spicy doors. They aren’t just bright — they’re gardens, sculptures, instructions, and handmade details on a home.

All photos used under Creative Commons license.
Front door crafted by Dick

Door Front door of 59 Rue de Rivoli valentine door The Public, West Bromwich - Welcome to The Public Entrance Free door of our polling station Our door Back Door

You know what I really want to see? A really good glitter door.

I’ve been enamored with glitter in the home ever since reading about The Crafty Chica’s endeavor to glitter up her studio floor. But think of what the world is missing without a great, high-glitter door! At the very least, think of a nice, scripty address written in glitter on your door. I guess my challenge is this: make a glitter door and share.

Have you done a door project? Do share!

Comments on Rad door ideas that go beyond bright colors

  1. They make chalkboard contact paper. That would be a good compromise for a chalkboard door in a dorm or a place with an HOA. It’s not permanent but it’s still funky!

  2. When I studied in Vienna, I lived in an old building. Each apartment door had a thick, black velvet curtain hanging on the outside, I guess as an added layer of draft protection. (The doors weren’t exposed to the elements, but the central corridors were unheated.) The polling place photo reminds me of that. It sure would be nice if you get frigid winter winds, and it’s so dramatic and romantic!

  3. Oh! I absolutely adore the Chalkboard door.

    We just got our front door replaced earlier in the year, and I’ve been struggling with what color to paint it. You just made up my mind – Chalkboard door it will be! It’ll go quite nicely with our red-brick house, and be able to decorate it for the holidays very easily! (And, since we’ll do the inside of it, too, it’s a built in note board for us)

  4. Where I live it’s traditional to use the front door only for weddings/funerals/other life events, they were also the door with the letterbox hole in them, so they were always covered by a curtain on the inside. And we always had a plastic strip curtain on the back door to keep the flies out. Alas, our cat has torn down our front door curtain and it still feels weird to be able to see the door.

  5. I put 2 thick red velvet curtains on the inside of our bedroom doors (double doors) it makes the room feel SOOOOOO cozy & romantic, plus is an excellent sound barrier at night *wink wink*

  6. Chalk board door. Best. Idea. Evar.

    Our door is currently grey with two white racing stripes…. simply cuz hubby had left over paint from painting the feature wall in the lounge and/or was bored i think…

    It’s totally getting chalkboard paint. I’ve been trying to think of something to paint with that for ages.

  7. Seriously…if I don’t have a glitter floor/door in my life very soon I may die from boredom. To bad I’m a renter at the moment. I swear on my BTVS boxed set that when I own my own home it will be glitterfied. !!!

  8. When I bought my apartment it had a crapped up door with half peeled paint in ‘bottle green’ (like every other door in the building). It needed cheering up so I painted it what I like to call Harper Blue. (If there are any other Pern fans that get that reference). Far more pleasing to the eye!

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