Wallpaper innovation: paint under it, tear it off, make it your own

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Design firm ZNAK made me think about wallpaper in a whole new way. Never thought I’d say that; it kind of seems like wallpaper has gone through all possible iterations. At least until, you know, it starts changing in response to our moods or the weather or the size of our bank accounts or something.

So what’d they do?

They made tearable wallpaper. There are a few configs with different shapes — and each design can be done up in, like, infinite ways.

Okay, so maybe not infinite.

I think it’s coolest that you can combine the wallpaper with an already-painted wall — or even over a smeared and spattered wall. It’s got me thinking. Is there a DIY, cheap-ass alternative to this? Could you use a pounce wheel to perforate a non-woven material along a stencil or a carbon line to do what you want?

Discovered via Design Milk.

Comments on Wallpaper innovation: paint under it, tear it off, make it your own

  1. Painter’s tape of a good quality should do this as well….you may have to use smaller pieces and take more patience with it…but it should work….hmmm….*dives off to explore in her craft room*

  2. Seems like DIY would actually be a better option, considering that with this, whatever you choose not to tear out will still have the perforation. And seams in wallpaper bother me, okay?
    That said, I wonder if you can tear the perforated stuff out at any time you choose? It would almost be fun to let guests tear stuff out whenever they pass by or just remove stuff as time goes on so that the room is constantly evolving.

  3. I love this idea – can’t use it, but love it anyway – too cool. I just have to say though that the blue and pink one with the boy? I see that and I totally see sperm. I’m sorry but I see sperm!

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