Competitive rabbit hopping: Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down!

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I have very little commentary to add to this video, other than to say that 10-year-old rabbit 4-Her that still lives inside me is VERY excited:

More information about competitive rabbit hopping over here.

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  1. OMG Bunnies for the WIN! My sir williams is almost 8 and quite the jumper himself:D Bunnies make the awesomest pets! I even considered submitting a post about house bunny care… is that lame of me?

  2. Oh 4-H one of the happiest times of my life.I don’t think our county rabbit groups did anything like this but I certainly wish they had.

  3. I desperately wanted a bunny throughout my childhood. I begged and begged. I got stuffed animal rabbits because my parents thought they were funny. It got to the point when everyone thought I collected rabbit stuffed animals when really, I just wanted a bunny of my own.
    And now I have rats. But the desire is still there – the last time I saw a pet rabbit, I developed bunny tourettes- I was helpless to say anything except “Bunny bunny bunny!”

  4. Today is General Bismark’s first birthday! I absolutely adore my little soldier bunny. I have been meddling with the idea of training him to do rabbit hops. Although he seems just as happy to dive onto the couch.

  5. Love how the one actually stood up to get picked up at the end. Priceless! In real life, I find bunnies a little stinky, but they sure are cute.

  6. I also have rabbits! They are very cute, but *VERY* high-maintenance, not anything even remotely similar to having dogs or cats. So, it’s something to reallllly carefully consider before getting one. But I do love mine!

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