Wanna add temporary color streaks to your dark brown or black hair? Grab your gel eye shadow and GO

Guest post by Asha

Looking for a quick fix for color cravings? Go to your make up bag! You can use your gel or cream eye shadows to give yourself temporary hair color that washes out when you’re ready. This works especially well for those of us that have dark hair tresses or have a head full of curls.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Go through your make up bag and pick out your gel or cream based eye shadows. I found out that high pigment, bright eye liners also will work too. Got a bright liquid eye shadow? Give it a try too! The only thing I’ve found that doesn’t work is powder based eye shadow.
  2. Pick the color(s) that you want to use. I found a liquid eye shadow, a few gel eyeliners, and some cream eye shadows that I decided to use. I’m a budget girl, so most of these were purchased from your average drug store.
  3. Now that you’ve picked your color(s), pick up a small section of your hair and get to color. I’ve also just done the ends of my hair, went for a tie-dye effect by using different colors on the same section of hair — your options are limitless. Just make sure you wash your hands before you start with a new color, as it tends to rub off on your fingers as you color.
  4. Go admire your new ‘do in the mirror. Pull it up into a bun, or wear it loose if you like! However, I would not recommend using heat over your newly colored strands.

I’ve found this works especially well for me when my hair is in its natural curly state — I can add color to a few strands for a splash of color, and then wipe it off when I get tired of it with a little conditioner or shampoo. It should hold for up to a few days, depending on how much you manipulate your hair.

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Comments on Wanna add temporary color streaks to your dark brown or black hair? Grab your gel eye shadow and GO

  1. Very cool idea! I have both dark and curly hair, and trying to bleach/dye it is a pain! I was going to go all red this past time, but I couldn’t stand it any longer and just went back to regular black. I need to give this tip a try so I can still get my color without the pain. Thanks!

    • I’ve tried it with primer actually. It didn’t work for me when I put it on , but when I made a little paste of shadow & primer in my hand, it worked better. But I’m usually too lazy to go through all of that. I love jazzing up a plain bun doing this:) All professional boring looking from the front, then BAM- a little rainbow going on in the back;)

  2. Some people use pastel chalks or hair chalks but be warned they dry out your hair horribly and can make it brittle.

    eye shadow, eye liner and colored mascara have worked for me since the late ’80s with no problem, anytime I see them at the dollar store I grab them for that reason.

  3. Such perfect timing .. the stuff I got at the drugstore that is intended for blue streaks is doing pretty much nothing on my dark hair. But this, especially with those metallic eye shadows in the link, is going to be awesome. I will have the fanciest fauxhawk in the PTA!

  4. OMG! That is a REALLY cute idea. Too bad I have dreads. But I saw pics of ladies using yarn to wrap around the locks to ad that splash of color. I love this idea.

  5. Maybellene had a show on this topic. They suggested to mix a tiny bit of hair gel with dry eyeshadow. Mix it w/QTip.
    Use shower cap and cut slits where you want to pull out strands of hair to color. Massage color into each strand with fingers. Ought to last 3-4 days.

  6. WOW! I used to use the bleach and dye method years ago but it was very high maintenance. I love the idea if using eye shadow and mascara for highlights. I was really only looking for a one day thing, but if it works for me as well as it does for you in the pictures, I might do this more often! Thank you!

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