Turn your wedding anniversary into a yearly party

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Make a cake and throw a party! By: J Aaron FarrCC BY 2.0
Sometimes your wedding goes wonky, and you’re left feeling less-than-stellar about the whole event. Or maybe you have a bit of the post-wedding blues that leaves you wishing you had another event to plan. Offbeat Bride Christine (of Christine & Derek’s misadventurous rainbow hodgepodge of freaks and geeks wedding) has a great idea about how to turn that frown upside-down… every year on your anniversary!

But, wait. What is a wedding? It’s just a ceremony you share with your partner(s), plus a party you throw to celebrate the start of your marriage, right? So… why can’t I just throw another party? Have another ceremony where we… wait for it… renew our vows? So what if this will only be our first anniversary, and who says you have to be together at least a decade (or whatever) before you and your partner can remind each other of the importance of your marriage?

Head over to Offbeat Bride to read more about turning your anniversary into a yearly event! And then let’s talk about what kinds of things do y’all do for your anniversary?

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  1. My husband and I have considered this. Our wedding anniversary and both of our birthdays all fall in the same week and I think this is a fabulous idea. If you’re passionate about your marriage and the love you have for your spouse, let it all hang out! Your friends came to celebrate the first time, why not the sec0nd, third, or fifteenth?

  2. I love this idea, but I can’t shake the thought that guests/friends would be annoyed by thinking they’re obligated to bring presents every year. Obviously I wouldn’t expect presents if I did throw myself an anniversary party every year, but I feel like the expectation is there and lurking. Does anyone have experience on this?

  3. I’m going to a one year anniversary party this weekend, actually.
    My husband and I are generally pretty low key for our anniversaries. One thing we do do is get a mini replica of our wedding cake and eat it all ourselves. Oh man, that cake was so good …
    One day we plan to have a vow renewal, but right now that seems like a lot of extra stress. We were originally thinking at 5 years we would , but since our 5 year will probably be spent pregnant (just like our one year), we’ll probably push that out.

  4. My grandparents took the entire family to Cancun for their fiftieth. Despite everything there was to do and see down there, celebrating their fiftieth anniversary was the best part. We all would have had a great time no matter what we did. As a person who loves fancy parties but doesn’t know anyone who has them, I’m entirely behind this idea.

  5. so funny that i just read this this week, and last night i saw my cousin who made my wedding cake last year, and she surprised us with a mini version of the same cake as an anniversary present! (our anniversary isn’t for a couple weeks, but she lives in another city and won’t see us again before hand.)

    that was SOOO nice and it was really nice cutting into it again last night, and reliving some of the fun memories. Last night, we even played our last song from the reception (Always Look On The Bright Side of Life) and danced around like everyone did that night (we were all quite drunk by then). It was really fun and impromptu (being as it was a few weeks early.)

    Highly recommend!

  6. My husband and I were married on a long weekend. (2 years on Tuesday!) My family does a BBQ every Labour Day Weekend and the year we were married we used it as our rehearsal dinner. We are fortunate to be able to spend our anniversary with lots of the people we love. The BBQ is never centred around us, but last year we brought the top of our cake and shared it for dessert! It’s a nice way to reflect on our wedding day and the vows we made to each other!

  7. We JUST got married. It was a camping weekend wedding at our farm. We’ve gotten so much great feedback about how much fun people had camping and hanging out that I am planning our anniversary camping cookout! Great idea and something for everyone to look forward to. This time no money on decorations, just booze and food.

  8. I might be the lone dissenting voice on this one, but I don’t love the idea of a annual anniversary party. Perhaps it is the deeply reserved New Englander in me, but it seems vain to me throw an wedding anniversary party. I also fear that it could easily devolve into a gift grab in the wrong hands. Maybe I’ll change my mind if any of my friends throw one, but for now I remain wary.

      • Now that actually sounds like a lot of fun. And reading through your post about hosting your anniversary party actually addresses a lot of the issues that initially put me off from the idea. I fear the Wedding Reception – Part 2!, but hopefully if my friends decide to have an anniversary party, they’ll take a page or two out of your book.

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