Tricked out triceratops: rocking your houseplants with a $6 dinosaur

Guest post by Hillary

This post originally appeared on The Thrillz of Hillz, and now it’s here!

I have quite a collection of animal toys — everything from Breyer Horses to small llamas, deer, bears on their hind-legs, werewolves, goats, deer, dogs, cats, dinosaurs, sharks, and sheep. There are toys everywhere. In the closets. Lining shelves. In the bathroom.

Recently, I’ve spotted some great ideas that have come to my hoarding rescue. Animal toy planters are crazy on Pinterest, and I knew I was going to make one, it was just a matter of when, and which toy to sacrifice?

It had to be this big triceratops. We said a quick goodbye, but the “squealing” sound he made when I cut into him with my Dremel will haunt my dreams. Sorry, dude, but I think it was for the greater good. You look much cooler now.

What you need to make a toy planter

  • A hard plastic animal toy, as big as you can find, with at least a 2-inch by 3-inch body to house the plant(you can usually find them at any Dollar Tree or thrift store)
  • Dremel or really sturdy craft knife
  • A small plant: succulents are best because they don’t mind tight spaces

  1. Cut an opening of at least 2-inches by 2-inches on the top of the creature. Note: Do this in a large space and not in your tiny kitchen, preferably with eye protection. Also, don’t chew gum while you do it, but if you do, make sure you chew with your mouth closed.
  2. Drill at least one small drainage hole on the bottom of the toy.
  3. Empty out the body of any dustings and give it a good clean.
  4. Give your creature some punch with spray paint!
  5. Depending on the size of the toy, and what parts of the body are hollow, you may want to block off a part so water doesn’t get trapped, despite the drainage holes. I used Dollar Store modeling clay to keep water out of the tail.
  6. Pop in your plant, top it off with fresh soil, give it a little water, and enjoy!

The gang’s all here!

Fun, huh? So far, friends have named it Cliff, Cera (as in triCERAtops,) Trudy, Rinodino, and James, though I’m partial to Tricera Mara. What do you think?

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  1. I am making this little fella for a gift exchange with my family. I spray painted him 3 days ago, but he is still tacky…any ideas or tips on how to fix this?

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