Get your own gigantic Totoro sleeping bag thing, and freak the fuck out with this fanboy

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I linked to this humungus padded $200 Totoro sleeping bag a couple weeks ago on the the Offbeat Home Facebook page, but I didn’t realize that Laughing Squid had posted an amazing video of a complete Totoro fanboy named Joey Graceffa FREAKING THE FUCK OUT over getting his Totoro sleeping bed bag thing in the mail:

It’s a long video, complete with the unboxing, Joey shrieking and hopping around, and then introducing his toy Totoros to the new bed. Spoiler alert: sounds like the Totoro bed is a little flat, has an off-gassing issue, and might be a little itchy… but it does zip apart for easy washing.

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  1. the one in the video looks so much smaller than the one in the photo above. Is the photo of a small room and deceiving me? Or do they come in a few sizes I wonder? Would love to have a double bed sized one of those which inflated instead of coming stuffed. Awesome storable guest bed!

    • It’s definitely different. The belly markings and feet are not the same. And actually the photo in the top of the post is different from the ebay listing too.

      • It still doesn’t look the same though. The one in that top picture doesn’t have feet or stomach markings that stick out like the sleeping bag does. And it’s claws are much more pointy. So there are actually 4 different ones: the single and double sleeping bag (both the ones on ebay), the one this guy got, and the one in the top picture. I wonder where that one came from because that one looks the plushiest!

  2. I’ve been eying this bed for awhile for my daughter’s Studio Ghibli bedroom we’re creating. There are actually 2 versions of the bed, a single and a double. I was contemplating getting the single for her, but seeing it in the video, I think I may just go ahead and sew up one for her instead as I wanted something much more full and soft.

  3. Yea, I think they are different, but still! I would totally add polyfil to the one her got and keep it zipped up for a giant Totoro plushie! Squee!

  4. the one in the video is definitly a different brand. u have to make sure ur getting wat u paid for or at least the legit version of this bed if ur going to actually shop for it. more than likely getting it straight from japan is best

  5. you can always make a a slip cover that goes over a inflatable bed…be some work but doable

  6. The picture above is the bed, the video is a giant cushion, for those of you who aren’t aware there are a few diffent sizes of the bed too.

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