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Pendleton blankets and goodies for classy rainbow-y style

I just discovered that you can get all sorts of Pendleton goodies on Amazon! I have a bit of an obsession with Pendleton patterns. And our fearless leader, Ariel, has one particular obsession with her very own Pendleton blanket. She recently gushed to me about it…

Pin ups, tattoos, and rock n roll: Bad-ass, yet super-comfy bedding from Sin in Linen

You might even recognize the name Sin in Linen from when we’ve gushed about them before, added them to our decor roundups, or when they’ve been featured in our very own readers’ homes. Now I get to officially gush about them, AND they hooked me up with some of their wares to try, and hooked YOU up with a special discount. How lucky are we!?

How to sew a large puppy bed from an old duvet cover

When we were getting ready to adopt our two ex-racing greyhounds, I bought a flannel duvet cover at a charity shop, studied a couple of pillowcase patterns, and made these giant pillows. This is my step-by-step tutorial for making a large puppy bed in a pillow shape, out of an old duvet cover and duvet. Only beginner sewing skills and supplies are required!

Snuggle up in the stormy day-themed bedroom

I love the themed decor posts! Can we maybe do a stormy one? My husband and I want our bedroom to look kind of stormy-day-ish, because we both love that feeling, but we can’t quite figure out how to achieve that.

Giant-ass “teddy bear bed with a mohawk” is a thing (of your dreams or horrific nightmares)

Faster than you can say “Zoomorphic Home” I have another awesome animal-shaped home decor item. This time, it’s a bed frame that is an actual giant teddy bear… with a pink mohawk!

Check out this awesome Megaman bedspread!

Don’t be fooled by the baby in this photo, that bedroom belongs to a pair of adults. This is what Offbeat Homie Drgnsyr had to say about this geeky bedding choice…

Daring duvet covers that’ll revolutionize your bedroom

If you’re looking to add a little oomph to your bedroom, I’m gonna go ahead and say that you need to check out these awesome bed spreads. (By the way, most of these duvet covers also have matching shower curtains and pillows.) Hot decor made easy, folks…

Monsters ON your bed: a DIY duvet cover

Maybe monsters under the bed aren’t so cool, but what about on top? Offbeat Homie Sully gave us the heads up on this awesome DIY duvet cover from the blog JenThousandWords. Jen took her kid’s artwork and traced it onto a duvet cover with a fabric marker. The results of this labour of love are super cute for kids and adults alike.