Elsewhere on the Empire: A leafy floor bed for Ariel’s toddler

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Ariel’s little baby bean has graduated from his crib to a toddler bed — but what does one do with a toddler bed when one’s toddler lives in a converted closet?

Tavi's new bed

One gives him a cozy floor bed!

I LOLed at:

I was ready for a rough transition. Tavi goes to bed pretty easily, but would that still be the case if there was no cage to hold him in when I laid him down? Would he be pounding on the closet door, screaming to be let out?

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  1. Would you believe I once saw something like this on Cribs? I have no idea who’s house it was (I can narrow it down to an American woman…) but instead of a bed she had padded the floor and bottom half of the walls in a closet, filled it with cusions and slept in there. Of course this being cribs the closet in question was nearly the size of my entire bedroom, but then it was also an adult sleeping in there. And it would probably be just as awesome in a smaller space.

    I’ve also recently discovered the joys of floor beds, albeit reluctantly. The slats on our bed kept slipping off the frame which made it really uncomfortable and kinda scary to sleep on. When we ran out of ideas to fix it we dismantled the frame and put the matress on the floor. It was supposed to be temporary but we’ve actually come to really like it.

    Only thing I want to change is to start calling it a futon because that sounds more cool and Japanese and…intentional and less ‘our bed sucks and we can’t afford a new one’.

    (It’s also a great way to battle the ‘monsters under the bed’ issue. Ain’t no nothin’ under that bed!)

  2. i LOVE floor beds! my mom did this for me the minute i learned how to climb out of my (very tall) crib (head first, out onto a hardwood floor). floor beds are comfy, adorable, and SAFE — if the only height to fall from is your own, and the floor is nice and padded, you’re in a good situation.

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