Dogs in gardens, dogs in lakes, dogs lounging around, and a new unicorn artwork

July 18 2011 |

WOW. We put out a call for dog photos last week and you guys answered! So in this week's Monday Montage we're going to traipse through reader photos and clicky links — with a heavy emphasis on the dogs in our lives.

Happy Compost Dog
Joker Venom's dog frolics in the compost bin. And MAN is he happy.

Airborne Dog
These guys are clearly enjoying their summer. They belong to Insertwithere.
June and Olive being hot tile-loving dogs.
Elisa's dogs are loving the heat on the ceramic tiles.
Contemplating hippie summer home
Ariel's pup Sassafras checks out a commune garden.
Replacement Unicorn! (color corrected version)
Chahuahua's neighbor brought a gift of peace: a replacement unicorn drawing to hang in lieu of her ransomed work.
Redcurrants and gooseberries
Allison Chains is playing with gooseberries and red currants and OH MY GOD WANT!

Clicky Links!

  • It's the time for vacationing, so this may come in handy: Tourist Remover. It's an online app made to remove tourists and extra bodies from your photos of popular landmarks. Via Boing Boing.
  • A beehive and a wormery built for the balconies of high rises on NotCot.
  • Dornob profiles a brownstone with a rolling wood rooftop.
  • TYWKIWDBI on Why We Grow Our Own Tomatoes.
  • And back to Boing Boing with a clipping from a 1930 issue of Modern Mechanics featuring what may be the very first mobile tiny house.

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    When my little sister texted me this morning, I didn't believe her!!! (I was at my boyfriend's). I will have pics up later today! =D

    Or maybe I should submit a feature… what do you guys think?!

    9 agree

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