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Tree Day, or our Christmas Before Christmas tradition

Tree Day, or our Christmas Before Christmas tradition

The end result of our Tree Day is the best of both worlds:

We get to have Christmas our way, with the just two of us, and when the real Christmas rolls around a couple of weeks later, we get to spend quality time with our families. It also serves to make the erection of the Christmas tree decorating its own special ritual, when it could be seen as just a chore.

What are your family’s holiday traditions?

This morning my child Jasper woke up at 6 AM, shook my husband and I awake, and sped off to the living room where our alien head-adorned Christmas tree is sitting. There were a handful of presents underneath it that we had to put out the night before so our kid wouldn’t spend every day leading up to Christmas trying to rip the presents apart.

Family photo session round-up and more tips for rocking your own photos

Family portrait sessions are one of my favorite things that people do — there’s no better way to capture where your family is at the moment. The sessions are also super diverse — you can shoot in the intimacy of your home, at a park or playground you frequent, or anywhere.

What can we call ourselves besides aunt and uncle?

What do you call yourself if you are an “Aunt” or an “Uncle,” or what do you call your relatives who fit this role, but not this name?

Cute ways to keep up with your family tree

I’ve been going through a bit of an embroidery kick lately, and started Googling different types of potential patterns. Since I’ve only been doing this for a few weeks I know next to nothing about embroidery, but I do know enough to recognize that this custom family tree embroidery pattern from the Etsy shop cozyblue is nothing less than cute, cute, OMG, SO CUTE.

We’re turning our kiddos into gardeners — and they love it

Becoming a homeowner and having a patch of my very own earth renewed my enthusiasm for gardening, and my pregnancy a few years later roped my husband into the process. Lumbering, exhausted, and vaguely afraid of toxoplasmosis in the soil, I coerced him into carrying out my vision of the vegetable garden until he’d fully drunk the Kool-Aid.

How my family says grace without bringing capital R Religion into it

I’ve always struggled with whether to pray before dinner. I wanted a way to say thanks for the food and acknowledge Ms. Earth’s contribution to our meal without bringing capital R Religion into it.

Something a little more than,
“Rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub.”

And something a little less than,
“And these thy gifts from thy bounty…”

Coffee by Convention: keeping family traditions alive throughout generations

Coffee, to some, is fuel, and to others, a leisurely drink in a swanky shop. Then there are those for whom coffee runs in their blood(line).