Get inspired: a tiny house built by a teen

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Photo by Edward M. Pio Roda for CNN

We have an entire tag devoted to tiny homes, but this is the first we’ve featured built by a middle-schooler. 14-year-old Sicily and the tiny house she built are both amazing and adorable. She named it La Petite Maison, and it’s 128 square-feet of efficiently organized space. It has a working kitchen and bathroom, a queen-sized loft bed, a bunch of storage — and it’s on wheels.

Sicily and her father started building the house as a school project, and after his untimely passing, she wanted to finish it in his memory. With the help of her family and lots of friends, she did just that — and chronicled the entire process, complete with photos, on her blog. She also gave a talk at TEDYouth while she was still working on it, so you can hear all about the huge (and tiny) project in her own words.

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