6 tips for a third trimester babymoon

Guest post by Angelle Conant

3rd Trimester Babymoon

My husband and I recently took a weekend-long babymoon to Galveston, Texas, while I was 37 weeks pregnant. We learned a lot about the do’s and don’ts of a having a successful trip. Our lessons are here for you so that you might get the most out of your third trimester babymoon…

1. Vacation somewhere close to home

This one seems pretty obvious, but I’d thought I’d address it anyway. Because I was in my third trimester, and only three weeks away from my due date, trips to distant lands were out. Galveston is only an hour away from Houston so if something were to happen, we could be home in a very short time.

2. Think about the kind of vacation you really want and choose your city and hotel accordingly

Do you want it to be more about relaxing or exploring? For us, we wanted a relaxing babymoon so that we could rest and reconnect before our little one’s arrival. If it’s relaxing that you want, then it might be best to choose a smaller town with only minimal attractions and more relaxing activities. If you’re looking for a more exciting and exploratory babymoon where you can share some new experiences, a bigger city might be a better fit.

3. You don’t need to spend a lot of money for it to be nice — value is what matters

We, foolishly, did not follow this one. We ended up spending quite a bit on a historic hotel and, in the end, it wasn’t worth it. The hotel was catered more towards the party go-ers of Galveston. Not getting great sleep makes for a cranky, pregnant wife.

4. When planning your day, take into account your limits and needs

This includes things like:

  • Is there a restroom that I can get to in under five minutes?
  • Can I get snack and water within five minutes?
  • Make sure to carry a large, filled water bottle, and snacks, everywhere.
  • Are you more sensitive to heat and sun exposure during the pregnancy?
  • Also, take into account the level of physical activity that will be required. My little one dropped the day before we were scheduled to leave so walking far distances became something I couldn’t do.
  • Schedule time for more naps and rests.

5. Plan your food ahead of time if you can

This was one of the best parts of the trip — eating yummy, yummy food. So go ahead and get excited about it by planning ahead. And don’t try and drive around to find a good food place when you’re already hungry — have a place in mind to eat and get there. Be okay with some disappointments — there are always risks in trying new places, even with good online reviews. And if you’re not up for disappointment, it’s okay to go to some chain restaurant that is familiar. Also, try to plan ahead for some healthy food options. During my pregnancy, I’ve become accustomed to eating quite healthfully and was disappointed by the choices at most restaurants. By the end of the weekend, my body was seriously craving some collard greens.

6. Lastly, ask for what you want

I had a great day on the first day of our trip because we ended up cuddled up in the hotel room watching Sherlock Holmes. I didn’t care if it seemed lame, it was what we wanted to do, so we did it!

Comments on 6 tips for a third trimester babymoon

  1. These are great tips! I would also add, don’t buy things for the trip very far in advance. The hubs and I were planning a weekend trip to Portland (we live in Seattle) when I would have been 37 weeks too, but our little guy decided to come onto the scene (quite unexpectedly) at 36 weeks! Luckily, we hadn’t bought any tickets or booked a hotel yet, so nothing was lost. Best wishes to you with that little one!

  2. I am 32 weeks pregnant and I went on a road trip with my husband last weekend (not a “baby moon” – more about that later). We figured it was probably the latest I would want to travel to my family’s house which is about 8 hours away (depending on traffic – it can take 9.5 hours). We planned stops and food and on the way there I even managed to do half of the driving (on the way back I was exhausted and nauseous so my husband did most of the driving). Our biggest mistake was that we went on a day trip (3 hours each way) while visiting my dad. I thought I would be ok driving (since the drive there was ok) but I went a little too long without food and had a sugar crash and needed to pull over. I grabbed a snack and my husband drove the rest of the day so everything was ok.

    We are staying close to home for our baby moon (which will be when I am about 35 weeks). We’re staying at a B&B in a town about an hour from where we live. My husband won the B&B stay and a dinner at a local restaurant at a auction a few weeks ago. The B&B is affiliated with a hotel where there is a pool so we can go hang out there. We will probably visit some of the stores in town and go to a park (and maybe a hike depending on how I feel).

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