Sugar skulls of Toluca: sparkling up in your face

Guest post by Lesley Téllez

I’m loving this time of year. Here I was, thinking the city went crazy for El Dieciséis, but Day of the Dead is so much more colorful, and soulful. Brightly colored sheets of papel picado hang in store windows. Velvety, crimson terciopelo flowers sit in vases at restaurants. Orange marigolds, the traditional Day of the Dead flower (called cempasúchil in Spanish) have suddenly bloomed in the street medians.

Some stores have even set up altars, which look like a series of steps draped in white cloth, and then covered in oranges, bananas, and bread. Yesterday I saw one at El Tizoncito, the tacos al pastor place.

These skulls are ready to be personalized -- it's a custom to write a friend's name on the skulls' forehead.

Read the rest — and see twice as many photos — on Leslie’s blog.

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  1. I love tacos al pastor! Random story: my then-boyfriend and I discovered this awesome Mexican supermarket that served them, and we had no idea what they were but ended up loving them, and eventually we had them at our wedding! Ok, thanks for letting me share my love of tacos al pastor. 🙂

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