The most perfect baby bootie ever made

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Before Tavi was born, I learned that baby shoes are everyone’s favorite gift to give. Little dude had over 15 pairs of tiny little shoes in a dazzling array of adorableness waiting for him on his birthday. After he was born, I quickly learned that most baby shoes are either impossible to get on (lots of shoving and grunting on those little Robbees boots) or prone to falling off (I was in a panic when I thought we’d lost one of his hand-knit blue booties).

And then for Christmas, Offbeat Shrie gifted Tavi the most AMAZING baby booties. They are both easy to get on AND never fall off. The design is impeccable, with little elasticated snapping straps that essentially allow the bootie to open almost completely … and then, once snapped, hold on tight. Doesn’t it seem like ALL baby booties should be easy to get on and secure once they’re on? It just makes sense. These are pretty much the only shoes Tavi will wear from now until he’s 2 years old. Also, a warning for pregnant friends: these booties are also now my defacto baby shower gift for every single one of you.

I begged Shrie to tell me where she got them, and look at that: it’s Etsy seller MEandREEKIE, and she makes a whole range of these snapping booties, including a rang of colors of piratey ones Shrie got for Tavi, ladybug booties, adorable floral booties, and more. All of them are lined with super warm and soft fleece (no need for socks!), with microfiber soles. They range in size from newborn up to 2T.

Seriously ladies, in my whopping 2 months of experience as a mother (HA!) these are the best booties I’ve ever encountered. And as of August 2010, they’re on sale — TWO FOR ONE!

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  1. Amazing! I love booties. Our daughter has what was originally thought to be a club foot but is correcting itself over time. At 2 she still limps a bit but thanks to crib shoes she's keeping up with the other kids! I always love finding etsy sellers offering soft structure shoes and slippers!


  2. Oh those are so cute! My little monster boy was born with size 3 feet (seriously, he's gonna be one hell of a barefoot waterskiier one day) so most of the cute little booties we got as shower presents never got worn. Probably because of that I'm a cute baby shoe fanatic!

  3. Oh wow I really love these booties. I hope I win them. Also can't wait til next week when I have the baby then I'm going to prob wind up buying a bunch of different pairs depending on the baby gender.

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