A celebration of moms with ink

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Have you taken a look at the Offbeat Mama Flickr pool lately? It’s huge! And filled to the brim with people parenting off the beaten path and making it look good.

I was flipping through it this weekend and noticed there are some mamas out there rocking some serious ink, so I thought I’d compile just a few and show them off here.

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This baby’s lucky to have parents who will fully understand his/her desire to get inked one day!

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Nothing goes better with a beautiful pregnant belly than a little art. And love. Seriously, look how cute these two are!

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A lovely photo all around. I think her tattoo goes perfectly with her baby, wouldn’t you say?

Photo uploaded to the Offbeat Mama Flickr pool by jorielom.

What could be a better reminder for a mom than “Patience”?! Love the umbrella too, by the way 🙂

If you have photos showing off your ink (or piercings, or fashion sense, or heck, anything really) upload them to the Flickr pool. There’s so much offbeat sumptuousness to enjoy!

Comments on A celebration of moms with ink

  1. I love the pics of parents with ink! I think as a new generation of parents emerges there will be alot of inked parents. Most of my friends are inked and new parents so I think in a few years to come having inked parents will be the norm and kids will wonder why their parents aren't inked,lol.

  2. Haha, Liz I remember well one time that I picked up my first baby from her home daycare place. I received her name and a dragon pic on my arm for my first mother's day present. The 14 year old daughter of my carer saw that tattoo and asked her mum if she didn't love her as much as I loved my daughter, because she didn't have her name anywhere on her body. We had a major chuckle, explained everyone's different etc, but it was hilarious how accepting kids are of different things.

  3. I'm the only Mum at my kids (private, Catholic) school with a sleeve, along with various other ink across me. Of the mums that notice, some stop me for a better look, while a couple have thought 'my drawing' is smudging where the shading is. Pfft – i stopped drawing with textas on myself about 10 years ago (at least intentionally).

    When i go in for parent help, the kids like to look and talk about my ink, and the teachers have comlimented me on my arm too, which is nice.

    It may be because they are kind of nerdy, non-confrontational designs (there's a stack of books, with pens, paper and cup of tea going down my left arm, and a star wars one on the right) that people are nice about them. Or maybe they're just being polite to the scary inked momma with the loud stereo …

  4. YAY! i love this! Of course i wasn't expecting to be expecting, so all of my tats are on my belly! 28 weeks and so far they still look great..i hope they stay that way. I can't wait to get more visible on my body so i can be a MORE inked mama! And my daughter won't be taught that tattoos are so taboo like i was when i was a youngin. especially since me and 'daddy' feel the more [ink] the better!

  5. It's good to see that the tide is turning. I had my first child sixteen years ago and am now pregnant with my sixth. I started getting tattooed 20 years ago and have had to deal with a lot of stares and disgusted looks when I am out with my kids. I think that will be an issue forever, but in the last few years I have found more families like mine and seem to get more curious/nice looks and comments than before. It's great to finally have people realize that body art does not a bad parent make.

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