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Our black and rainbow, music-inspired craft room

Despite the fact that it is a black room, our newly remodeled office/craft room is very bright and fun! I spend a lot of time in this room blogging and doing projects so I wanted it to be a fun place to hang, and I think it’s mission accomplished.

How do I transform an ugly desk without taking it out of the room?

Homies, I need help. I have the ugliest desk imaginable. What I can’t figure out is… how it made it’s way into my house. It was here when I moved in, and even without the unscrewable legs, we can’t take it out any of our doors.I need to paint it, style it, anything — but I have to be able to do it inside. Can you homies help me transform this ugly desk?

How do I make K-Cup storage look cool?

Like many other workplaces across the country, the Keurig obsession has hit our office — they have these nifty little containers for making coffee, tea, or just about any other hot drink you can imagine, and saves lots of time. But how on earth do you display them in a non-boring way?

Turn your hallway into an office

I love the idea of getting more out of the spaces in your home that are generally overlooked. If you have a fairly wide hallway, you could use that space to do double-duty as a small office.

Monday Moment: fashion and art collide in a hair salon

I love this moment set up in the entrance to Sirens Salon in Los Angeles (the place were I get my hairs did).

Easy closet-to-office makeover for small spaces

We’ve featured the concept of a closet office (cloffice!) before. Here’s another cute and simple example from a 533-square-foot condo.

How can I minimize weirdness when hosting clients in my home office?

I run a business from my home, and I often have to meet with clients and collaborators. I’ve been meeting in coffee shops, but I want to make a change: some meetings require lots of materials or even room to spread out drawings and papers, and I hate lugging this stuff around and then splaying out my work in a cafe. However, I want to make sure I’m projecting a professional persona even when I greet a client at my front door and lead them through the living room to my office. My house is fine — it’s neat, though doesn’t have a ton of furniture. It just feels strange to invite people to see where I live AND work.

Am I silly to worry about this? Is there anything you can suggest to allay my twinge of weirdness about mixing business and personal worlds?