Monday Moment: fashion and art collide in a hair salon

Updated Oct 12 2015

I love this moment set up in the entrance to Sirens Salon in Los Angeles (the place were I get my hairs did). Kristen, the owner, has one of her hand-made dresses on display on a manikin, as well as tucked away in that golden armoire. Kristen constantly rotates her salon's wall art by displaying works made by local artists. I just love how all the colors came together this time — light purples and pinks, and browns and golds, with pops of blue — to make this one fabulous moment.

Now let's just take one more look at that amazing gold armoire.

The manikin got cold, so it put on a jacket.
Apparently it used to be a yellow armoire and Kristen painted it, inside and out, this beautiful gold color.

Anyone else have moments that they created in their workspace? OR have you thought about using fashion as home decor?

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