Tipsy without the spillage: sippy cups for wine

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Photo via geekologie.

Hey, Winos! Have you seen Vino2Go — clear sippy cups designed for adult toddlers? If not, behold. Here’s more info about the product:

The Vino2Go™ wine sippy cup tumbler is the simplicity of style, an active wine lovers dream come true. This BPA-free durable drink-ware has a familiar wine glass shape making it a convenient and easy to use product.

You get your choice of 5 different colored tops: Merlot Red, Verde Green, Clear Ice, Party Pink & Business Black! The wine tumbler holds 10 oz of wine – standard wine glass size.

While I’m totally a fan, I do feel obligated to point out that you could also use a regular sippy cup… if you don’t mind looking like you yanked your kid’s cup for drinking. The Vine2Go cups are available on Amazon! Dig on more info at Geekologie!

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  1. I am NOTORIOUS for spilling drinks. That’s some real alcohol abuse. I never considered an ACTUAL sippy cup, which is totally an option AND would hold more wine…

  2. It was actually designed by Amy Okuda of “The Guild” for costar Robin Thorsen as a gift 😀 ProductFarm produces one off products for people, and then if something is really unique and will sell they will mass produce it. Pretty neat concept all around 🙂

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