George, the DILF who screams like a little girl

Guest post by Kelly Gorman

Offbeat Mama readers may remember my first post about my birth story.

They may remember when I said that after seeing my first ultrasound picture, George “screamed like the little girl who got the Barbie she wanted for Christmas.”

To this day, any time our little man does something amazing, cute or down right historical, it is met with that kind of excitement from George.

Having George as my fiance, best friend, and most of all the father of my son makes me one of the most lucky people that I know.

When our little man was born, George was the one cutting the cord and taking the first looks at our miracle baby. From the moment Connor was born, George was there changing diapers, making sure that my boppy was in arms reach, making runs to the store for diapers and doing laundry. He made the first months of motherhood easy for me — and he continues to make our lives together great.

He plays guitar to our son every night to let him fall asleep, what’s better then a father playing guitar? Plus, it makes mommy swoon too. Connor and I are very lucky to have such an awesome man in our life!

The term DILF suits him — it suits him 100%!

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