Gamer DILF with pretty, pretty hair

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Welcome to this week’s installment of Offbeat Mama’s controversial exercise in friendly male objectification! This time, I present you with Andrew, who may have the prettiest hair of all the DILFs I’ve featured:

Daddy and Xavier playing MAG

Thanks to Andrew’s partner Junipur for submitting this shot to the Offbeat Mama pool. As she says, “I think he is a hunk — especially when he playing video games with my son and explaining the objective of the game to him.” For a few more photos of Andrew, his beautiful hair, and his adorable son Xavier, keep reading!

Daddy Playing Guitar to Xavier

And here’s Andrew and Junipur with little proto-Xavier in the belly!
Wiccan Mama and Lovin Father

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  1. Thanks for giving some attention to us fathers :). We often have a double whammy – trying to stay true to ourselves while being parents, and while holding down a job out in the straight world.

  2. I'm having some really inappropriate thoughts now. I'm stepping away from the computer now to take a cold shower.

  3. Individuals that are fortunate enough to have an awesome DILF partner need to share it with the world! Plus, it gives that person a little chip on their shoulder for being awesome! & this DILF does have amazingly gorgeous hair.

  4. I am trapped between thinking his hair is super sexy/DILF-y and being super jealous because I want my hair to be that amazing.

  5. The guy is cute, but the baby is GORGEOUS. Aw, I just want to nuzzle his cheeks. (The baby, that is).

  6. The first pic of him holding the controller made me smile. This is exactly how my husband will parent XD

    “Dad can I talk to you?”

    “Yeah sure son -passes a controller- what’s up?”

    “We’ll theres this girl at school..die die die!!! and I really like her…behind you! and I don’t know how to tell her.”


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