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The mythical and magical unicorn bathroom

It’s that time again for another Offbeat-themed bathroom round-up. This time one of you suggested a horse or unicorn-themed bathroom, and I have accepted the challenge. Hell, I’ve even thrown in the perfect bathroom faucet!

Gifts for the quirky, kitschy, special unicorns, and the kids-at-heart

We all have that one super-quirky, weird, and wonderful friend who always finds the coolest stuff that makes you go “where the hell did you find that!?” Guess what: I found a shitload of the coolest gifts on the internet that will make your friend say “where the hell did you find this!?”

Harness the magic of the unicorn to… hold your table lamp?

If you’re in need of an accent table look no further than the most amazing accent table that ever existed — or in this case never existed — the unicorn accent table!

Check out these Unicorns in Space leggings!

Homies, today is my burfday! I thought the best gift I’d get today would be the start of Shark Week (which is my FAVORITE week of all the weeks). But Ariel stepped up our unofficial “cute gift off” with this years birthday gift.

Gifts for every geeky girl and boy

Do you have a geek in your life that you need prezzies for? You’re in luck! Geeks are easy to shop for because we’re total geeks and get excited over the most ridiculous shit. But if you’re still struggling to find that perfect geeky gift, no worries I GOT YOU! Here’s Megan’s guide to gifts for geeky girls and boys alike.

Weekend challenge results: Team Cupcake vs. Team Unicorn

Last Thursday, we posted the first of what we hope will be many Offbeat Homies Weekend Challenges. We gave readers a choice of two DIY challenges: nerdy cupcakes with sanding sugar, or faux taxidermied unicorn heads.

Well, the results are in, and no surprise that they are fucking awesome! We’ve got tentacles, TARDIS blue EXTERMINATE cupcakes, a pet rat, and wait until you see the jackalope…

Offbeat Homies Weekend Challenge: nerdy cupcakes or unicorn heads!?

We’re heading into a three-day holiday weekend here in the States, and I figured that after the success of Megan’s hilarious cooking challenge, it would be fun to try a little READER challenge, wherein we challenge Homies to take on a DIY project of our choosing, and then we can all compare results.

Dogs in gardens, dogs in lakes, dogs lounging around, and a new unicorn artwork

WOW. We put out a call for dog photos last week and you guys answered! Wait till you see where one dog ended up.