How I repurposed my wedding veil at home

Updated Oct 12 2015
Guest post by Sheila

repurposed wedding veil

Did you see my incredibly simple, $14, no-sew DIY veil on Offbeat Bride? This is how I repurposed the fabric for our daughter's room…

Photo by Aly Carroll
Photo by Aly Carroll

Here's our two-year-old daughter Sophie as our flower girl, playing in the veil.

repurposed weddinv veil in daughers room

Here it is in its new home: Sophie's bedroom. I did nothing to it but throw it over the canopy that was already there and tie the sides with some ribbon that I meant to use for some other DIY project I never actually did.

repurposed wedding veil as a canopy

The star lights are also a repurposed wedding decoration. I love how it all turned out and, much like the veil, it required no real effort or crafting. Another plus: Sophie is now very interested in sleeping in "her own little bed" as she calls it, for the first time ever!

  1. I have nothing inspiring to add here. Just wanted to say that I love this idea! Also, it's really cute that your daughter calls it her "own little bed." ­čÖé Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, I really love being able to re-purpose wedding items! I just went to a wedding and helped clean up afterwards, and so much stuff just went into the garbage…

  3. One of my fondest memories as a child was when my parents splurged and got me an all-matching bedroom set. It was cream with butterflies on the bed, bedding, and dresser. It had a beautiful sheer canopy on it, and I thought it was so magical. She is a lucky little girl to have a room like this! It looks so dreamy!

  4. So pretty!! I chose all my wedding decor based on if it could be re-purposed later! Now our new apartment is fully decorated and we had very little garbage from the wedding to haul away. LOVE dual functions.

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