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Dyeing baby clothes (not so successfully)

I’m pregnant, and recently discovered that looking for offbeat baby clothes isn’t exactly an inexpensive hobby. Since I’ve been DIYing up a storm lately (did you see this recovered baby jumper?), I decided to try my hand at dying clothing! I contemplated using machine dye, but was worried it might stain our new washing machine… so I went with warm water hand dye. All of the items I dyed came from a consignment sale, so were cheap but not exactly to my style taste.

We spent most of Spring Break tie-dying as a family

This past week was March Break for elementary school kids here in Ontario. This year the weather was not really conducive to playing outside much (especially when one kid is a toddler who is barely walking); at the start of the week it was warm and everything became wet and muddy, and then later in the week temperatures plunged and it was cold and icy. So I endeavored to entertain my girls indoors with trips to local children’s hot spots. Most places had extra events and staff for the Break. But you can’t run your kids’ little legs off all day, so we also broke out some new crafts. The favourite of the week was tie-dying.

Nerdy iron-on patterns for your LARPer baby

Ever wanted to dress your little one up like a 900-year-old man who steals blue boxes and runs a lot? Or been bummed that there aren’t enough newborn LARPing outfits? Then rejoice! Because we’ve got the perfect tutorial for you.

DIY jersey maternity dress: an easy way to deal with summer heat during pregnancy

If you’re pregnant this time of the year, especially in the early stages, you probably are wondering what you can wear during the summer. When I was pregnant last year, jersey dresses sounded like the best way to deal with heat — they’re cool, comfy around the waist, and stretchy enough to last until late pregnancy. However, I had a weirdly hard time finding the jersey dresses I envisioned in stores — most dresses had waists that were a little too low, or they were long and heavy maxi dresses, or their fabric wasn’t stretchy enough.

Make your own Elimination Communication split-pants for your kiddo

If you’re thinking of trying Elimination Communication with your kidlet, Hunny’s got a tutorial that will teach you to make your own split-crotch pants.

Easy DIY: decorating baby & kid clothes with freezer paper stencils

Here’s an easy-peasy DIY tutorial for making your own freeze paper stencils so you can get decorating those clothes — yours OR your kid’s!

How to make your own nursing necklace (with video!)

I’ve seen Booby Beads and nursing necklaces for sale for as much as 20 dollars.¬†Luckily, they are easy to make, even for the chronically craft-impaired–like me.

A day at the snircus!

I taught preschool for 5 years, and this activity is a real winner with all kids. It’s easy to do and couldn’t get any cheaper. And there are all kinds of cool nature questions and physics questions that pop up for teaching opportunities. So what is it? It’s called a SNIRCUS. Yeah, Snails + Circus= […]