Make your own Elimination Communication split-pants for your kiddo

Guest post by Hunny

If you practice Elimination Communication in your home (or are considering it), then you  may have heard of Elimination Communication pants. When being naked is not practical, these split-pants (basically like baby chaps) can be an easy way to help kids potty learn with confidence and minimal stress — but they can be costly!

Why pay $20 a pop for the pants when your kid will only need them for a few months before he or she moves on to training underwear or even regular underwear? That’s definitely not for me. So I did a hack on some footless tights, and it was simple as pie. I thought you Offbeat Parents might enjoy, so here is another  DIY video:

Comments on Make your own Elimination Communication split-pants for your kiddo

  1. my aunt did that with all four of her babies and had them potty trained at nine months! i don’t think i have the patience to try that. i have met a lot of parents that were successful at it. great idea!

  2. I love your idea, Hunny! I was thinking about making some from an old pair of tighter pants, cutting out the crotch, and sewing a “loin cloth” type piece on front and back. The tights are rad b/c my boy won’t accidentally pee on his pants when he squats. We are diaper-free at 11 months.

    Other moms, don’t be scared! EC is WAY easier than wiping poo off a cute little rear end!!

  3. These are just the thing! I’ve actually done the same with a pair of leggings, and I have to admit, it was rather a hasty job. I’m worried that if I put the leggings through the wash, especially with spin, the thin strips of fabric still holding the pants together in one piece will wear away to nothing after just one or two cycles. Are my fears well founded? Grateful if anyone could shed any light on this/offer advice. 🙂

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