How to make your own nursing necklace (with video!)

Guest post by Hunny
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Right around 3 months of age, most babies start trying to multi task while eating. A nursing necklace can help keep them occupied and latched on so you can get that feeding done with, nipples intact. I’ve seen Booby Beads and nursing necklaces for sale for as much as 20 dollars. Luckily, they are easy to make, even for the chronically craft-impaired–like me.

The lace I used was a few bucks for several meters, the beads are plain wood, and the ring at the end is the kind used for potholders. Everything involved is soft and completely safe for baby.

Here’s how:

Comments on How to make your own nursing necklace (with video!)

  1. LOVE IT! I am pretty sure I have all of those things around the house. I have been eyeing one of those, but am also craft-impaired and didn’t think it would be so simple to make.

  2. My baby played with the necklace I always wear. My husband gave it to me on our first Christmas together. I didn’t know they sold things specifically for that, Neat!

  3. I can personally attest that this necklace (and the maker!) are awesome. Miles loves his, which is great because it keeps him from grabbing enormous fistfuls of boob and twisting. Ouch.

  4. my daughter is only a month old and she’s already grabbin at whatever she can while she’s feeding. I remembered reading this DIY before she was born thinking “babies really need this?” and now i’m like “I NEED THIS!” I can’t wait to put it together and see how she likes it.

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