Lakeside treehouse by Roderick Romero Studios

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Treehouse, Lake Spectacle, CT

Let’s all take a moment to dream about a visit to this phenomenal treehouse built in Lake Spectacle, CT, by Roderick Romero Studios. Oh, and if Roderick’s name sounds familiar, that might mean you remember Sky Cries Mary. Dude used to do this, but now he builds treehouses.

And what treehouses they are…
Treehouse, Lake Spectacle, CT

Details about the structure:

  • Location: Lake Spectacle, CT
  • Crew: Ian Weedman, Seanix and Chris Haake(aka KA-VE)
  • Title of House: Lake Spectacle
  • 100 % salvaged/reclaimed lumber from Antique & Vintage Woods of America and Pioneer Millworks.
  • Salvaged Windows and Doors from Board & Beam Co.

Treehouse, Lake Spectacle, CT

If you’re inspired, you should visit Roderick Studio’s website, and perhaps watch this video about Roderick and his work:

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